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About Us

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BYNSA is your ultimate get away from the boisterous cities and mechanic lifestyles. We offer the freshest of everything, come and experience the beauty of Wayanad, and the emerging beauties of calicut with Us. We are committed to serve quality to customers.


We believe that ‘everyone deserves to enjoy nature’, we at BYNSA design and build villas ensuring that exquisite views of the nature should be a treat to your mind and soul. The panoramic views of Wayanad sitting in our balconies will be one of the delightful experience of your life. Our areas of expertise is invested in building & developing finer homes. We aims at achieving the higher target of 50 villas this year in the fast growing city Calicut and ecofriendly Wayanad. Quality is something that one has to work hard for, and the achievement of it is through better usage of what is there and what should be there to make it beautiful yet standard. Our focus on higher quality materials and scientific usage of resources in a systematic manner with successful improvisations resulted in quality that you will experience with us.